About Lovrovich Orthodontics

Orthodontics is about more than just braces. While a good portion of our practice is committed to placing and maintaining braces, there is a huge variety of oral issues that we concern ourselves with.

Lorvovich Orthodontics Offers the Following Services:

  • Early Orthodontics
  • Adult Orthodontics
  • General Orthodontics
  • Acceledent
  • Insignia
  • Invisalign
  • Propel
  • Conventional & traditional brackets
  • Teen Invisalign

Orthodontists Do a Whole Lot More Than Just Braces

Some of the more common issues that we deal with include:

  • Speech difficulties relating to teeth alignment
  • Bruxism (AKA teeth grinding)
  • Thumb sucking
  • Bite alignment
  • Loss of primary (baby) teeth too soon or too late
  • Misalignment
  • Impaction

Orthodontic issues don’t start and end in early life. Many issues arise later in life and have to be addressed quickly before they start to grow worse and become more difficult to treat.

A great example of this is bruxism. Bruxism, better known as tooth grinding, is an issue that a lot of people suffer from at night. You may not even realize that you grind your teeth, but if you frequently wake up with a sore jaw, a headache, or neck and shoulder pain, you may grind your teeth at night. Bruxism can cause wear on teeth, cracking, chipping, pain and fatigue in and around the jaw, and even severe migraines. Most people who have bruxism don’t start their life with bruxism, rather, it’s an issue that arises later in life often in response to a change in the bite.

When an issue like bruxism arises later in life, it can have a severe impact on your quality of life. Fortunately, we are often able to alter the alignment of your teeth in order to stop your bruxism in its tracks.

Proper Bite

A big part of what we do is alter your bite. If you are lucky enough to have a bite that fits together well, you may not be able to appreciate how important it is. When your bite is out of alignment, even just a tiny bit, it can feel like a tremendous burden in your mouth. To illustrate this point, consider when you get a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth. Popcorn kernels are very thin, and generally pretty unsubstantial but when they get stuck between your teeth, it can feel like a giant object is pushing your teeth apart.

Very small changes in the placement and position of your teeth can make a big difference in your comfort.

Orthodontics At Any Age

Generally speaking, orthodontic procedures are more easily accomplished as the skeletal and oral structures are still shifting and taking shape, in early life. With that being said, orthodontic needs can arise at any point in life, and if there is a need there is almost always a way for us meet it.
When you are faced with issues, be they functional or cosmetic, make sure to contact us at (206) 501-4566. We will be more than happy to setup a no obligation consultation with you to determine what your oral health issues are, and develop a treatment plan with you to ensure a solution.