Acceledent aura - Shorten your path to a beautiful smile by as much as 50% with Acceledent When you want results and when you want it fast, try the AccelDent which is just a 20 minute treatment per day for your dental problems. The device is very simple to use and most dentists recommend it as it is also safe.

Making braces work faster:

The hands-free device works in a fast way to get you the desired orthodontic results. The mouthpiece has to be inserted around your existing orthodontic treatment device for 20 minutes every day. It works by speeding up the tooth movement and thereby, reduces the actual treatment time. Thus, it gets you back to a normal life sooner than expected, sometimes 50% faster and it even makes the existing treatment more comfortable. It also reduces your visits to your dentist considerably, although you will need regular monitoring as long as the treatment is going on.

AcceleDent Aura – Accelerate Tooth Alignment

This is an exclusive technology which uses micro-pulses, which are carefully calibrated by your orthodontists, to move your teeth in a precise guided way. The process is where a series of soft pulses are sent to the roots of the teeth, the bone sockets and the surrounding tissues. The acceleration is safe even though it actually remodels your bone by moving your teeth faster than what could be expected in conventional methods. Although it has only been introduced in 2009, it has already been used by thousands of patients all around the world and people are not afraid to try out the new revolutionary technology as it is FDA approved.

Making the Process Comfortable

Acceledent aura - Acceledent speeds you on your way to a terrific smile. Orthodontics usually has a painful ring to it, but not anymore, and certainly not with AccelDent. In fact, this technology only serves to make Orthodontics more comfortable, faster and less painful. You may be worried that the pressure that it exerts can be harmful or painful, but you will be amazed to find that in reality, it has a gentle force which is 8 times less than a power toothbrush. It makes the teeth move gently through bone when the micro-pulses are applied to it and subtle changes are made to the bone structure at the cellular level, which then serves to accommodate the teeth in the desired position.

Care of the Device

When you are using the device for the first time, make sure that the device is fully charged before you use it. It is recommended that the device is charged overnight for the first time and later on just for two hours. The device has an LED indicator which will show when it gets fully charged. The LED indicator will also let you know when the battery is low by flashing continuously. Keep the activator free of moisture as it can get damaged when exposed to water. Keep it free of any dirt by wiping it with a clean cloth and make sure that it is always dry.

After every use, clean the mouthpiece with lukewarm water after detaching it from the activator. You can also use a mild soap or toothpaste intermittently.

How to Use the Device

Acceledent aura - Acceledent is the fast, easy and gentle way to the smile you've always wanted. The AccelDent mouthpiece must be inserted completely into the activator and it can be switched on through the power button. Bite on the mouthpiece firmly and not forcibly so that there is no unnecessary damage to it. You must use it continuously for 20 minutes every day and so try not to take a break in between the process. If you must take a break, try not to make it for more than 5 minutes as then the device will forget that you are using it and will start from the beginning and give you another 20 minute session. When you use it within 5 minutes, it will continue from where you left off and you will only get your recommended 20 minute session.

The unit will send three short pulses to indicate to you that you are half way through and when the time is up, it will automatically shut down. Your use of the device can also be tracked by your orthodontist or dentist as it records a report every time you use it. The dentist can simply insert the activator after switching it off and plugging it into a computer. The report will show the day, day and usage of each session.

Using the Device Safely

You must use this device only when it has been prescribed by a qualified orthodontist or a dentist. Do not use a device that has been calibrated for someone else. Dispose of the device the way you would any other electronic product after you are done with the treatment and try not to share it with someone else.

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