Chris S.

Finished my invisalign! I’m so glad i had it done, I can’t believe the huge difference it made. A smile I’m finally proud to show off. Dr. L did a fantastic job, the whole process was much easier than I thought it would be. He really listened to me and made me feel very confident throughout the whole time I was wearing my aligners. Thanks again to everyone at Dr. Lovrovich’s office!

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What Happens During Phase   Orthodontics?

What Happens During Phase 1 Orthodontics?

In phase 1 orthodontics, orthodontists treat patients between the ages of six and nine. Those patients have mixed dentition. This means patients have a mix of permanent teeth and deciduous or baby teeth. Phase 1 orthodontic addresses problems in the mixed dentition period. These are things that can result in severe overcrowding and unhealthy tooth…

What Is The Ideal Age To Start Early Orthodontic Treatment?

What Is The Ideal Age To Start Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Looking for quality information on early orthodontic treatment? Good for you. The more you understand about early orthodontics, the better able you will be when it comes to making important dental decisions for your child. The first step you need to make is taking your child to an experienced dentist for a thorough and professional…