NIcholas G.

NASA, The Russian Space Program and most recently a group of Chinese astronauts have all independently reported that under the right atmospheric conditions, my smile is visible from outer space. With great power comes great responsibility however and I’ve had to adjust my behavior accordingly for the common good. For example, I must take caution to never smile in the direction of oncoming traffic after dusk as the glare from my grin would present a clear and present danger to highway safety. An awesome smile can be quite the cross to bear- my gift is my curse indeed…

Each time I visit Dr. Lovrovich’s office, this super power smile grows in force and magnitude.
Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright. Orthodontics: Anthony Lovrovich. One inspired cityscapes, the other pearly white symmetry worthy of a modern art museum….such is the masterful skill of our generations’ orthodontic architect, Anthony “lovortho” Lovrovich.

#Dr Lovrovich has been in orthodontics north of three decades and completed 1000’s of picture perfect smiles to boot.
#Orthodontists want to be him…patients want to be with him…
#Sujanna and Melissa- the beautiful and effortlessly amazing care managers always provide premiere service and a warm, caring approach.
#Parking is easy in the garage down below and the one time he ran slightly late, I was sent home with a Starbucks gift card!
#Rolex Reliability, #Porsche Performance #Ritz Carlton Service.

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