Early Orthodontic Treatment

We at Lovrovich Orthodontics understand how important your child’s health and well-being is to you. That is why Dr. Anthony Lovrovich suggests having your child get a comprehensive exam as early as age seven to get a head start on any potential problems that may arise with your child’s mouth. The former school of thought for orthodontic treatment was to wait until most of the permanent teeth had erupted. Now we know that correcting issues at an early age, called “interceptive orthodontics”, will prevent complications of the bite (occlusion) and the jaws.

Problems not addressed at an early age may develop into other problems such as gum disease, a higher rate of decay or difficulties with speech as your child ages. As your child’s teeth teeth and jaws develop, interceptive orthodontics allows orthodontists, such as Dr. Anthony Lovrovich, to “intercept” and implement appliances deemed necessary to provide the best result. Lovrovich Orthodontics uses the most conservative approaches first, then will introduce apparatuses such as space maintainers, expansion devices, Hawley retainers, and Herbst and habit appliances if warranted. Early prevention will save time and money in the long run, and give your child the healthy, attractive smile deserved.

Below Are Signs Your Child May Need To See the Orthodontist At an Early Age:

  • Does your child have a bite that looks like “buck teeth” or does the lower jaw jut forward past the upper jaw?
  • Did your child suck their thumb or fingers?
  • Is there crowding or spacing, or did they lose teeth earlier than anticipated?
  • Does your child thrust their tongue forward when swallowing?
  • Do their front teeth not come together when their back teeth are touching?

Please discuss with Dr. Anthony Lovrovich at Lovrovich Orthodontics any questions you have regarding interceptive orthodontics. He will also work together as a team with your dentist to assist in your child’s home care during treatment, to help prevent decay and gum issues.

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