Four Types of Candy You Should Never Eat during Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on 01/10/2017 by Dr. Lovrovich
A collection of peppermint candies beside each other.

Whether you are straightening your teeth with traditional braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic appliance, what you eat is very important. It is crucial that you are avoiding foods that could damage your braces or your teeth, and unfortunately, one of the biggest culprits is candy.

If you feel the need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you should avoid these candy options while wearing orthodontic appliances:

  • Hard candies. Lifesavers and other hard candies are bad news when it comes to your orthodontic appliances. While it would be completely fine to just suck on these candies, for most people, the temptation to bite down is just too great to avoid. This could cause your orthodontics to break, and pieces of the candy could also get wedged between your teeth and the appliance.
  • Caramel. Caramel is so sticky it needs to be avoided like the plague when straightening your teeth. It will stick to your appliance and can look extremely unattractive.
  • Gum. Gum is another sticky substance that should be avoided at all costs when going through orthodontic treatments, but it is especially difficult to convince your teens not to chew it. Gum is also stringy and can get caught in your orthodontic appliances like fishing line.
  • Saltwater taffy. For some people, nothing says summer like roaming the boardwalk for saltwater taffy. There are so many great flavors to choose from, but when you are straightening your teeth, you need to take a time out from this treat. Taffy can damage your orthodontic appliances, resulting in a costly repair.

Do you have other questions about the things that you should – and shouldn’t – eat when you are straightening your teeth with different orthodontic appliances? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Considering your diet carefully could prevent the need for some expensive repairs down the road.

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