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Modern Orthodontics

Orthodontics has become a field that almost everybody needs and wants. Many face orthodontic problems and some just want to improve their smile. However, when one refers to orthodontics it can refer to a whole range of things and is a subject that is vast and complex. Some dental problems are obvious to the eye while others will require an expert to identify them. Whatever case, it is best to visit a dentist regularly to identify, prevent and rectify problems.

Braces the Traditional Way

Although there has been huge advancements in orthodontics, sometimes the conventional way is the best even though it may be time consuming and hard on the person who has to wear the devices. Even today, most people prefer to use brackets which are orthodontic devices which help to realign teeth and dentists prefer them in cases where the teeth are badly crooked. The traditional devices can be more effective than modern ones and certainly will be more durable. As most brackets are visible, children have the option of choosing colored elastic bands which look attractive and fun. However, if you are sensitive to metals, then metal brackets may not be the answer that you are looking for and you can ask your dentist for other options.

Problems with Baby Teeth

Most people are not aware of the importance of baby teeth and so often, parents miss out on vital issues on eruption problems. Parents usually will not be concerned if the child happens to lose a baby tooth either by accident or trauma. However, there can be major consequences as baby teeth must not fall out prematurely since they are essential for proper growth of adult teeth. There is always the danger of nearby teeth to move into the empty space, but little do they know that it can be easily prevented by an orthodontic space maintainer. For children, it is better that such devices are permanent, so that the child will not remove them without adult supervision and lose them.

Chips and Tear

We tend to wear out our teeth, especially the front ones when we are stressed and tensed. Sometimes excessive biting on the teeth can wear down the enamel and expose the dentin as a circle on the tooth. It will also make your teeth look shorter and more yellow in appearance which is not an attractive sight. Also the danger increases when the enamel is worn down as it can make the teeth weaker. Sometimes worn out teeth can start giving headaches and make your jaw stiffer. Your orthodontist might recommend a customized night guard in such cases, especially when the patient tends to clench teeth even while sleeping.

Crowded Teeth

Only a few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth while some have to go through life with crowded teeth. The condition of crowded teeth, called malocclusion, is a common problem that people of all ages face. This condition should be rectified as crowded teeth are difficult to clean and floss. This might lead to decay and gum diseases and can also lead to chewing problems. Crowding can also occur when baby teeth fall prematurely and adult teeth erupt without the guidance of baby teeth. However, the condition can be rectified by using appliances to realign teeth and in some extreme cases; some teeth might have to be removed surgically to make space for the other teeth.

Problem Faced by Thumb Suckers

Children who suck their thumbs are in danger of getting bite and speech problems as their teeth can get out of alignment. The same is true for children who have been thrusting their tongue through their teeth. Both habits can cause the front teeth to come forward and not touch each other while biting. Braces can correct the condition, although it may take time but severe cases may require surgery. It is recommended that these problems are corrected as early as possible so that the condition may not get worse as the child grows up.

Issues With Cross Bites

Usually teeth come together in a bite with the top teeth lightly overlap the lower teeth and the front top teeth lightly fit into the lower front teeth. However, when the front teeth are behind the lower front teeth, it is called an anterior cross bite and a posterior cross bite occurs when the molars of the top teeth are sitting inside the grooves of the lower molars. This condition can be hereditary or can even be caused when a child uses a pacifier or sucks thumb. It is easier to correct this condition when a diagnosis is made early in life when the child’s jaw is still in the developing stage and treatment might call for the expansion of the lower jaw. Adults, on the other hand, might need surgery where the upper jaw is moved backwards and the lower jaw moved forwards.


When the lower jaw protrudes forward and makes the upper teeth to go backwards and the lower teeth to come forwards, an under-bite occurs. There are many reasons why a person can develop an under-bite, some of which are genetic, bad chewing method, thumb sucking and even poorly developed upper jaw. Again, it is best to identify this problem as early as possible so that the treatment will be easier and quicker. Children growing up with under-bite issues can be prone to develop a poor self-image which could have been prevented with early treatment. Adults will require surgery which might be not what they prefer, but the end result will be worth it.

Regular Visits to the Orthodontist

It is best to schedule regular visits to your orthodontist, especially for children as many problems can be easily prevented with early treatment. This will give children the chance of growing up normally and not have to worry about their appearance. Children and adults must realize the importance of general orthodontics as it will result in a perfectly symmetrical face, well aligned teeth, proper chewing habits and good oral hygiene.

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