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Posted on 12/10/2017 by Dr. Lovrovich
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If you are less than thrilled about getting braces, you might not have the results you desire. The success of braces requires a team effort between our staff and yourself. We need to be able to rely on you to take care of your braces and your oral health in order to ensure that your treatment goes as planned.

If you do not eat the proper foods or wear the proper appliances, the efforts we put forth might be less than successful. So what can you do to be a part of the team? Check out these tips!

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

We know that it takes longer to brush and floss your teeth when you have wires and brackets in the way, but it is essential in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Food can easily get stuck in the brackets, leaving you at high risk for serious issues. Take the time every morning and night to brush for two minutes at a time and floss with a threader in between each tooth. This will ensure that your teeth become clean and stay safe as they become aligned.

Eat a Proper Diet

Getting braces typically means that you must forgo some of your favorite foods, but remember, it is not forever! Think of the end result – the straight, beautiful teeth you will have, and going without your hard or sticky foods that could do damage to the brackets will not seem so bad. Remember that extremely sticky or crunchy foods could break your wires and brackets, which means yet another visit to our office and a possible longer time with braces on your teeth.

Wear your Dental Appliances

If we prescribe you to wear rubber bands or headgear, it is important that you wear them as prescribed. Even if these appliances are not pleasant to wear or you feel embarrassed, they are an important part of your treatment.

Just like if you take care of your braces, you will not have to lengthen the period of time that you wear them, the same is true for the appliances. We prescribe these items for as short of a time as possible, but need you to follow our instructions to ensure their success.

Visit us for your Alignments

Adjusting your braces might not be your favorite occurrence every month or so, but it is necessary to further the success of your braces. It is essential that you keep your appointments with us so that we can adjust your braces accordingly as well as check the brackets and wires to ensure that everything is intact.

The patients that we see on a regular basis are able to stick with their original plan and not have to extend their time with braces on their teeth. Make sure to make appointments that you can keep and you will have your braces off before you know it!

Wearing braces might seem like a real pain, but when you see the final results, the pain and inconvenience will be well worth it. If you are worried about how you will look or what the pain will be like, do not be afraid to talk to us.

We have dealt with patients that are scared before – we are here to reassure you about your treatment and the success you will receive. We want to help you achieve the straight, beautiful smile you desire to help you live a long, happy, and successful life.

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