How Long Should I Expect to Wear My Retainer?

Posted on 10/10/2016 by Dr. Lovrovich
A young girl holding up her retainer.

Braces can be a major expense and as such our goal is to preserve the work that they have done for the rest of your life. Usually we use retainers to hold your smile in place and provide support to the tissues around the teeth.

We understand that retainers can be an annoyance and are easily forgotten but we are also here to tell you that they are still very important!

Directly After Having Your Braces Removed

When we remove your braces we will evaluate your teeth and the condition of the bone and tissue around them.

Immediately after having your braces removed we will probably advise that you wear your retainer day and night for at least a few months, only to be removed while eating. It takes a decent amount of time (i.e. years) for your mouth to accept the changes brought on by braces.

A Few Months Out

After a few months, pending our inspection and findings of the changes taking place in your mouth there is a decent chance that we will reduce the required amount of time that you wear your retainer. Usually this means that you can just wear it at night, and forgo daytime wear.

When do I get to Stop Wearing My Retainer?

The retainer really does provide a lot of value to you for your whole life. By continuing to wear your retainer you are giving your mouth the support it needs to keep your teeth in the proper place. It is for this reason that we rarely advise ceasing wearing your retainer entirely.

We understand that it’s not a popular answer to the question but continued retainer use is a real benefit to your oral health. We wouldn’t ask you to do something we don’t fully believe in. Please contact us if you have any questions about your retainer.

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