How Straight Teeth Make it Easier to Keep your Teeth Clean

Posted on 09/25/2015 by Dr. Lovrovich
A woman smiling and showing her newly straightened teeth.

A beautiful white smile is something we all dream about. You brush and brush to reach that goal, and then you look in the mirror. How did you do? Do they look clean? If they aren’t quite to your liking you might try using whitening strips to get that gleam that you’re looking for. The look is not bad, but did you know that even though you have teeth that look perfectly clean, there may be bacteria hiding that you are missing? They may look great and still be secretly causing decay and gum disease.

How you can Miss Plaque and Bacteria when Brushing

Even though you are following a strict brushing regime you could be missing all types of bacteria and plaque that builds up in between teeth that aren’t straight. If teeth are crooked they can overlap making it difficult to reach all surfaces of the tooth. After time that plaque and bacteria can decay the tooth and create cavities or gingivitis. Not only are crooked teeth difficult to clean thoroughly, teeth that are crowded together in your mouth are next to impossible to keep clean on a regular basis.

Flossing can be Difficult with Crowded Teeth

If your teeth are crowded with hardly any space in between you’ve probably struggled with flossing. Many have tried the wax floss, but with overly crowded teeth sometimes that floss doesn’t get in there any better. Even your dental hygienist probably has a difficult time getting that floss in there during your semi-annual cleanings. Crowded teeth can be frustrating to floss and many times that leads to skipping the flossing all together. Brushing alone is not going to get that area between those teeth, which leaves you at risk for serious diseases.

Straightening your Teeth can save you Money

You probably think that straightening your teeth is an expensive proposition. It does cost a bit of money, but think about the alternative. Leave your teeth as they are and you will have hidden plaque and bacteria that work on your teeth and your teeth and gums, causing severe damage. Before long some teeth may decay past the point of no return and need to come out. Have you priced what bridges, dentures and implants cost? When you have misaligned teeth it is also more difficult for your dentist to do restorative work on your teeth. Straightening your teeth is a more cost effect approach to optimal oral health care because not only can misaligned teeth decay over time, but if your bite isn’t aligned, you can develop pain from this. Misaligned teeth contribute to tension in the jaw causing TMJ and headaches.

Other problems with Misaligned Teeth

We’ve talked about the damage not being able to get all that plaque and bacteria out from between those misaligned teeth can do to the tooth itself. It goes way beyond that. Decay and gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease. This is an advanced stage of gum disease. Not only are you at risk of losing some teeth to this disease, it has been known to be connected to cardiovascular disease. You could be at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

If any of this is hitting close to home, it may be time to discuss straightening your teeth with us. You are never too old to straighten your teeth; many adults are opting to get braces. There are options today that can make wearing braces more comfortable and less conspicuous than in years past. You don’t have to wear those metal braces any longer.

As you can see straightening your teeth can save you a lot of headaches down the road. You can improve your bite and alleviate alignment issues allowing you to effectively reach all surface areas of the tooth for proper cleaning. Then when you look in the mirror and see white teeth you’ll know they are totally clean; front, back and in between.

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