How to Correct Your Bite without Surgery

Posted on 07/10/2016 by Dr. Lovrovich
A dentist holding a mouth guard inside his hand.

Teeth that are well-aligned are easier to clean and more attractive, so many people who live with malocclusion pursue treatment methods in order to correct their bite alignment issue.

However, people are often under the impression that only surgery can affect bite problems, but this simply isn’t correct. If you are interested in fixing your bite without surgery, there are a few options available to you.

Orthodontic Work

Malocclusion is most commonly treated by an orthodontist. You may have retainers, braces, or other appliances recommended in order to move your teeth into a better position. This can take a year or two, and while adults can certainly pursue orthodontic work, braces tend to be more common with teens and younger children.


If your teeth seem to be well-aligned, but don’t touch perfectly, your dentist may pursue tooth reshaping as a way to correct your bite. Irregularly shaped teeth or those that feel rough can be adjusted so that they evenly distribute bite pressure across the teeth. A drill will be used to shape the teeth so that they only touch the teeth of the other jaw where they are intended to touch.

Mouth Guards

Do you suffer from nighttime grinding, otherwise known as bruxism? If so, this could be causing problems with your bite. If grinding is the reason for your bite issue, you may be given a plastic dental appliance to wear while you sleep, as it will fit over the teeth to keep them apart. The primary goal is to reduce damage caused by grinding.

You are never too old to correct the appearance of your teeth or your bite. Even if you previously went through treatment, your teeth are constantly moving, so treatment may be needed later in life. If you have questions about how to improve your bite without surgery, please contact our office.

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