Invisalign® – Faster Than Braces

Orthodontics is an interesting field of dentistry. Only a few situations exist in the dental industry where corrective appliances are applied to the teeth over the course of a long period and orthodontics employs most of those appliances. That being said, it can take a long time to straighten or alter teeth and is frequently uncomfortable. We offer a groundbreaking appliance that not only shortens the amount of time it takes to treat you but offers a much more comfortable experience – Invisalign®!

Faster Treatment With Invisalign®

Invisalign® offers so many advantages over traditional braces that it’s a little bit staggering. One of the best things about it is that it can easily reduce the treatment time needed to give you the results you want. With traditional braces, a good portion of your time is required to come in for tightening and adjustments on the appliance. This requires you to come into our office weekly or biweekly to have adjustments made. With Invisalign® you only need to come into our office once every month or six weeks, depending on your case.

Why Invisalign® is Superior

Invisalign® offers our patients a unique orthodontic experience that is much more comfortable and convenient than traditional orthodontics. Aside from accomplishing the same goals as braces, straightening teeth, it also offers a huge amount of freedom to the patient. Because the plastic trays are clear, it gives your smile its natural appearance. This avoids the common issue of embarrassment over braces. It can be hard to have traditional braces and a professional life but Invisalign® solves that issue.

So many problems with braces stem from the fact that they cannot be removed. Because they are substantial devices and are permanently affixed to your teeth, they can cause lots of issues with things you normally take for granted. For example, when you have traditional braces you will start to have to consider what things you can eat and what things you might want to avoid. Apples are a prime example of food that is hard to deal with when you have traditional braces. With Invisalign® you can remove the trays to eat.

Because the trays are removable, it is much easier to clean your teeth. With braces, special cleaning instruments must be used to ensure your teeth stay healthy. With Invisalign®, your oral hygiene routine is kept quick and easy.

Invisalign® Offers Orthodontic Comfort

It’s no secret that braces are uncomfortable for a number of reasons. The wires, the bands, the brackets, they all add up to poking, prodding, and discomfort. With Invisalign®, all of that is done away with in favor of comfortable, smooth trays. They don’t poke or prod, they just apply gentle pressure to the teeth in order to coax them into the right spot.

When you are considering different orthodontic options, give us a call at (206) 501-4566 to inquire about Invisalign®. There is a good chance that we will be able to offer you a far superior treatment option to standard braces at a reasonable cost.

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