Is a Bad Bite Causing You to Bite Your Cheek?

Posted on 12/10/2016 by Dr. Lovrovich
A woman suffering from painful misaligned bite.

Do you find yourself biting your inner cheeks often? Cheek biting can be irritating, unhealthy, and painful, and it can also be the sign that you have problems with the restorations in your mouth that need to be replaced.

Treatment options are available depending on whether your cheek biting happens occasionally or habitually.

Biting your cheek once in a while is something that happens to all of us. This often occurs when we are doing too many things at once, such as trying to have a conversation while we eat. While it might be painful and lead to some swelling, it typically happens only once, heals, and you forget about it. To avoid this, you can simply take steps to chew your food more carefully and to minimize distractions while eating.

Habitual cheek biting is a long-term problem. It can be due to a bad habit like chewing on non-food items, and the end result can be pain, swelling, and irritation. You might also find yourself biting your cheek due to stress or anxiety. If you bite your cheek as a habit, you may find it difficult to stop yourself from biting despite the pain and destruction that it causes.

Chronic cheek biting involves frequently biting your cheeks. In some cases, this can occur naturally as one of the side effects of a bad bite. It can also occur with bruxism or TMJ, although the most frequent cause is poorly-fitted restorations. The most common culprit could be dental crowns that don’t quite fit right.

If you find that you are biting your cheek quite frequently, it is important that you contact our office. If your bite is the source of the problem, it can be adjusted, and painful TMJ symptoms can also be treated. However, the first step in the process is to set up a consultation.

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