Is it ever too Late to Seek Orthodontic Treatment Care?

Posted on 10/20/2017 by Dr. Lovrovich
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It is a common misconception that orthodontic care is only effective or best used in the younger years of life, and by younger we speak of teen to early adolescent years. Instead, experts in orthodontic care make it very clear that it is never too late to receive orthodontic treatment that anyone of any age, even into the golden years, can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatments are capable of going far beyond the aesthetic concern of teeth straightening as they are also used to treat a wide variety of other dental health related issues including jaw joint pain, chewing problems, swallowing problems, gum recession and even migraines.

Generally speaking when younger individuals seek treatment for orthodontic concerns it is usually to fix a crooked bite or straighten crooked teeth for pure cosmetic purposes, but when left untreated, such seemingly minor issues can lead to other non-dental problems of which usually drives elderly individuals to seek treatment help later in life. These issues include, but are certainly not limited to facial fatigue, teeth wearing, migraine headaches, as well as a clicking or popping jaw.

It is Never Too Late

It is never too late to find a solution to a dental problem that may be causing other health issues that are leading to discomfort and or pain. If the idea of a mouth full of metal wires and brackets just does not sound appealing for someone of your age, there are many other options that offer discreet more aesthetically pleasing options for you.

For instance, ceramic braces are the clear option offered instead of the traditional metal brackets, or for something more discreet you could consider lingual braces which fit behind the teeth or even clear aligners which are a 100 percent invisible clear plastic solution.

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