Itero® Scanner

Itero Scanner wand for 3D imaging of your mouth. The revolutionary Itero Scanner comes highly recommended by orthodontists who want only the best for their clients. It gives a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth and gums while taking into account your individual characteristics. It saves time, energy and effort simply by being the most efficient system of scanning that is readily available to all.

Out With the Old, In With the New

It is not surprising that everyone who wants to take an intraoral scan, wants only the Itero scan. When you consider the benefits, the efficiency and the accuracy, one can only feel sorry for the older generation who had to work so much in the dark with a messy goop. We can now say goodbye to that old messy goop which most of the time was not so accurate, gave unsatisfactory results along with multiple visits to the dentist and thereby, taking up a lot of your time. Even if it was to be a simple case of a crown treatment, the patient had to sit in silence and endure the hardship of having an unpleasant goop in the mouth and the dentist also had to suffer with imperfect impressions which would have to be modified several times before the patient could be satisfied.

Preferred by Both Orthodontists and Patients

Today the story is much different for both the dentists and the patients and the process of taking impressions has become a walk in the park for both parties. Dentists recommend the Itero scans for all patients and no job is too small for a scan or too big for the Itero scanner to handle. The advantages are many while there are hardly any negative factors to taking an Itero scan. This scanner has totally revolutionized the way impressions are taken and the procedure has become extremely easy and comfortable.

Itero Scanning Machine

The Comfort Level

People used to shy away from visits to the orthodontists because of the goop that they used to stuff inside your mouth. While the earlier methods used messy goop, used to be uncomfortable and served only to make patient gag, the Itero Scanner focuses on the comfort of the patient. The old technology used to make a visit to the orthodontist something to be avoided, but with the new technology, you can look forward to your visit. The scan is so comfortable that you can easily breathe and be normal while it is being taken. There is no disagreeable taste and you can swallow normally during the process. The totally unexpected side to Itero scans is that it makes intraoral impressions fun to take.

Safety Factor

Most people are apprehensive of technology mainly due to the unexpected side effects. However, with the Itero Scanner, you can trust that there will be no side effects and absolutely no exposure to radiation. The technology used is laser based, which serves to give 6000 sharp images per second. The images are then sent to a computer where it rebuilds 3D images of your mouth. The process is not only safe, but it will also put the patients’ mind at rest as they will be able to see what is wrong with their oral cavity and will be able to understand what the doctor is trying to tell them.

Modeled for This Generation

The Itero Scanner is perfect for children of technology who want everything instantly and perfectly. You get your impressions fast, with no mess and with no need for unnecessary retakes. Thus, your orthodontist can give you a personalized plan for your treatment which is sure to be a success. In fact, you can follow the scanning process along with your orthodontist as the images will be displayed on the computer screen in real time. The orthodontist will be able to easily explain everything about your teeth even while taking the scan and you will be able to choose the best treatment plan.

Technology that Helps You Smile

When the computer rebuilds a 3D image of your mouth, the orthodontist will be able to make adjustments in real time. The orthodontist will enter your prescription into the computer and then a guided tour of your mouth will begin. The scan will be able to show each and every corner of the mouth and places that would have never even seen sunlight. The doctor will hold a wand which is easy to use and comfortable for both the patient and the doctor to use. The dentist will also take a bite scan of the patient so that the final result will give a natural and normal.

If the dentist finds that the scan or the data is incomplete, then additional scan images can easily be added on to the 3D computer model. Then the simulation is studied and then another simulation is derived to show the patients what their teeth will look like after treatment. You are not left in doubt as to the accuracy of the scan and the treatment that will be prescribed. The 3D model will then be sent to labs directly from the dentist’s office to construct restorative structures designed just for your teeth. The scans can also be made accessible in an open STL format which can be easily used by everyone.

Uses of The Itero Scanner

With the help of the scanner, you can restore your smile and your oral hygiene by giving the best bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, Invisalign®, and implants. The Itero Scanner can even be used by surgeons to have a continuous real time imagery of the mouth and is the preferred tool for all dentists. The Itero Scanner can be used for any kind of material such as the universally preferred porcelain or gold and even for zirconia, composite and PFM.

End Result

You can now look forward to having a beautiful smile while all your oral problems are being taken care of. This is the scan that the world now prefers and be sure to ask for an Itero scan the next time you visit a dentist. This way you can be sure that your teeth and gums are not only in safe hands but also with safe technology.

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