Blue Propel® 'pen'. Do you dread the thought of the discomfort associated with wearing braces or trays? Do you want a more efficient treatment that involves quick movements of your teeth while not sacrificing an excellent end result? Well, now you can cut your treatment time in almost half while wearing Invisalign® or braces, and the process is virtually painless. Dr. Anthony Lovrovich is happy to offer you Propel®, a new technological technique.

Propel® works by a process called Alveocentisis™, which stimulates the support system around the teeth called the alveolar bone. The Propel® device makes micro-osteoperforations in the bone around individual teeth, which in turn causes the bone to remodel quicker. As adults, our bone development decreases, typically creating a slower alignment process than children experience. With Propel®, the process moves along quicker, greatly reducing the side effects associated with slower treatments, such as root blunting, decalcification (white spots) and discomfort.

Other Benefits of Using Propel® Include:

  • Since treatment time is cut significantly, this reduces time and money lost with longer treatment cases that require you to have more frequent appointments
  • Because it is virtually painless, patients can return to work or school after the appointment and won’t have discomfort while eating
  • After pressure is applied along the perforations, bone remodeling begins almost immediately
  • Propel® can be used in about 80% of treatment cases, and can be used with brackets or aligners
  • Can be used in a variety of cases that include overbites, spacing, cross bites, and crowding

During your consultation, Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will discuss with you if Propel® can be integrated into your treatment plan, and how Propel® will decrease your treatment time.

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