Remember to Wear Your Retainer!

Posted on 03/21/2015 by Dr. Lovrovich
Remember to wear your retainer!

The retention phase of your orthodontic treatment is just as important as the braces that precede it. In fact, if you often avoid wearing or forget to insert your retainer, it is highly likely that the years and money spent on braces will have been wasted – so we think it might just be the most important phase of all!

Keep Your Smile in Check

If you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth are likely to return to the same positions they were before you began your orthodontic treatment. One reason for this is that the position of your teeth isn’t necessarily permanent. If it was, then you would never have needed braces in the first place. Instead of being entirely rigid, the ligaments that hold your teeth in place are rather pliable, which allows braces to work in repositioning your teeth. If they can move in one direction, however, your teeth can move right back; and, thanks to the “memory” found in gum and bone tissue, this is a common occurrence. If you remove your braces and forget that your retainer exists, nothing is going to stop your teeth from returning to their original position. The whole point of a retainer is the retention of your new smile, and the good news is that, as your teeth become more accustomed to their new positions, you’ll have to wear the retainer less and less. Eventually, you’ll probably only need to wear it at night.

The Right Retainer for You

Before your teeth settle in their new positions permanently, however, you need to wear your retainer. There are different types of retainers to choose from, including removable retainers made of plastic and silver wire, a non-removable, thin wire that is attached to the inside of your teeth, and a removable clear plastic retainer that sits over your teeth.

At Lovrovich Orthodontics, we can help you determine which retainer is not only right for your teeth, but also to ensure your long-term comfort. Give our Seattle location a call today at (206) 501-4566, or our Kirkland, WA location at (425) 629-0126 to learn more.

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