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Do you or your child dread the thought of getting orthodontic treatment done? Orthodontic treatment has become much easier than the days of being nicknamed “metal mouth.” Whether this is the first time in braces or a re-treatment, there are a multitude of options available to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile and/or bite correction.

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The first order of business is to have a comprehensive exam with an orthodontist such as Dr. Anthony Lovrovich. This visit will entail taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth, as well as taking photos and diagnostic images. Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will then review your case and discuss the findings and which course of treatment would best suit you or your child. Depending on your case, you may be treated with traditional (metal) or clear braces, Invisalign® or Insignia® to accomplish your orthodontic goals.

Orthodontic Treatments, Including Braces

The timeline in which the treatment will be completed will depend on the severity of the case and which type of braces are used. After you have been evaluated, Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will sit down and explain your (or your child’s) treatment plan and timeline with you, while his staff will help guide you (or your child) through the treatment process.

Braces Seattle, WA

African American woman with long black curly hair, large hoop earings, a blue collared jacket and a nice smile with braces. Do you have crooked teeth that have been bothering you for years? Perhaps your bite has never felt right, but you felt as if you were past the point of getting it corrected? If you want to remedy your dental issues, yet you are self-conscious about wearing braces, you have no need to worry! Orthodontic treatment is not like the old days of teens wearing metal braces and headgear. Today many adults are going through treatment and have a myriad of choices besides the traditional metal braces available to them. In fact, many of Dr. Anthony Lovrovich’s patients are over 18 years old.

Below Are Signs Your Child May Need To See the Orthodontist At an Early Age:

  • Does your child have a bite that looks like “buck teeth” or does the lower jaw jut forward past the upper jaw?
  • Did your child suck their thumb or fingers?
  • Is there crowding or spacing, or did they lose teeth earlier than anticipated?
  • Does your child thrust their tongue forward when swallowing?
  • Do their front teeth not come together when their back teeth are touching?

Please discuss with Dr. Anthony Lovrovich at Lovrovich Orthodontics any questions you have regarding interceptive orthodontics. He will also work together as a team with your dentist to assist in your child’s home care during treatment, to help prevent decay and gum issues.

African American woman with long black curly hair, large hoop earings, a blue collared jacket and a nice smile with braces. Do you have crooked teeth that have been bothering you for years? Perhaps your bite has never felt right, but you felt as if you were past the point of getting it corrected? If you want to remedy your dental issues, yet you are self-conscious about wearing braces, you have no need to worry! Orthodontic treatment is not like the old days of teens wearing metal braces and headgear. Today many adults are going through treatment and have a myriad of choices besides the traditional metal braces available to them. In fact, many of Dr. Anthony Lovrovich’s patients are over 18 years old.

Adult Braces

Not only will braces give you that thousand watt smile, but it will boost your self-esteem and improve your oral health.

If You Are Contemplating Going Through Orthodontics, Some Things to Consider:

  • It Does Take Time
    It does take time, but new advances in orthodontics have allowed many adult patients to get their treatment done in shorter times with the same results as traditional braces
  • Jaws Are Fully Formed as an Adult
    Jaws are fully formed as an adult, so some treatments for adults may require surgery for correction before or while wearing braces. Also, if you have a complex case, options such as Invisalign® may not be a viable route for treatment
  • If Cost is an Issue
    If cost is an issue, Dr. Anthony Lovrovich and his skilled team will put that into consideration for your treatment options

Dr. Anthony Lovrovich and his team are sensitive to how busy your life is, and he uses the latest technologies for his patients. Insignia®, Invisalign®, and Propel® are the newest products on the market that can cut treatment time while maintaining efficacy. Please call the office of Dr. Anthony Lovrovich, and one of his team members will schedule your initial appointment for you. After your initial appointment, you will return for your treatment consultation, and Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will suggest the best routes and alternatives for your treatment and objectives. We look forward to being fellow team members in achieving your goal for a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile!

Modern Orthodontics

Orthodontics has become a field that almost everybody needs and wants. Many face orthodontic problems and some just want to improve their smile. However, when one refers to orthodontics it can refer to a whole range of things and is a subject that is vast and complex. Some dental problems are obvious to the eye while others will require an expert to identify them. Whatever case, it is best to visit a dentist regularly to identify, prevent and rectify problems.

Braces the Traditional Way

Although there has been huge advancements in orthodontics, sometimes the conventional way is the best even though it may be time consuming and hard on the person who has to wear the devices. Even today, most people prefer to use brackets which are orthodontic devices which help to realign teeth and dentists prefer them in cases where the teeth are badly crooked. The traditional devices can be more effective than modern ones and certainly will be more durable. As most brackets are visible, children have the option of choosing colored elastic bands which look attractive and fun. However, if you are sensitive to metals, then metal brackets may not be the answer that you are looking for and you can ask your dentist for other options.

Problems with Baby Teeth

Most people are not aware of the importance of baby teeth and so often, parents miss out on vital issues on eruption problems. Parents usually will not be concerned if the child happens to lose a baby tooth either by accident or trauma. However, there can be major consequences as baby teeth must not fall out prematurely since they are essential for proper growth of adult teeth. There is always the danger of nearby teeth to move into the empty space, but little do they know that it can be easily prevented by an orthodontic space maintainer. For children, it is better that such devices are permanent, so that the child will not remove them without adult supervision and lose them.

Chips and Tear

We tend to wear out our teeth, especially the front ones when we are stressed and tensed. Sometimes excessive biting on the teeth can wear down the enamel and expose the dentin as a circle on the tooth. It will also make your teeth look shorter and more yellow in appearance which is not an attractive sight. Also the danger increases when the enamel is worn down as it can make the teeth weaker. Sometimes worn out teeth can start giving headaches and make your jaw stiffer. Your orthodontist might recommend a customized night guard in such cases, especially when the patient tends to clench teeth even while sleeping.

Crowded Teeth

Only a few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth while some have to go through life with crowded teeth. The condition of crowded teeth, called malocclusion, is a common problem that people of all ages face. This condition should be rectified as crowded teeth are difficult to clean and floss. This might lead to decay and gum diseases and can also lead to chewing problems. Crowding can also occur when baby teeth fall prematurely and adult teeth erupt without the guidance of baby teeth. However, the condition can be rectified by using appliances to realign teeth and in some extreme cases; some teeth might have to be removed surgically to make space for the other teeth.

Problem Faced by Thumb Suckers

Children who suck their thumbs are in danger of getting bite and speech problems as their teeth can get out of alignment. The same is true for children who have been thrusting their tongue through their teeth. Both habits can cause the front teeth to come forward and not touch each other while biting. Braces can correct the condition, although it may take time but severe cases may require surgery. It is recommended that these problems are corrected as early as possible so that the condition may not get worse as the child grows up.

Issues With Cross Bites

Usually teeth come together in a bite with the top teeth lightly overlap the lower teeth and the front top teeth lightly fit into the lower front teeth. However, when the front teeth are behind the lower front teeth, it is called an anterior cross bite and a posterior cross bite occurs when the molars of the top teeth are sitting inside the grooves of the lower molars. This condition can be hereditary or can even be caused when a child uses a pacifier or sucks thumb. It is easier to correct this condition when a diagnosis is made early in life when the child’s jaw is still in the developing stage and treatment might call for the expansion of the lower jaw. Adults, on the other hand, might need surgery where the upper jaw is moved backwards and the lower jaw moved forwards.


When the lower jaw protrudes forward and makes the upper teeth to go backwards and the lower teeth to come forwards, an under-bite occurs. There are many reasons why a person can develop an under-bite, some of which are genetic, bad chewing method, thumb sucking and even poorly developed upper jaw. Again, it is best to identify this problem as early as possible so that the treatment will be easier and quicker. Children growing up with under-bite issues can be prone to develop a poor self-image which could have been prevented with early treatment. Adults will require surgery which might be not what they prefer, but the end result will be worth it.

Regular Visits to the Orthodontist

It is best to schedule regular visits to your orthodontist, especially for children as many problems can be easily prevented with early treatment. This will give children the chance of growing up normally and not have to worry about their appearance. Children and adults must realize the importance of general orthodontics as it will result in a perfectly symmetrical face, well aligned teeth, proper chewing habits and good oral hygiene.

Acceledent aura - Shorten your path to a beautiful smile by as much as 50% with Acceledent When you want results and when you want it fast, try the AccelDent which is just a 20 minute treatment per day for your dental problems. The device is very simple to use and most dentists recommend it as it is also safe.

Making braces work faster:

The hands-free device works in a fast way to get you the desired orthodontic results. The mouthpiece has to be inserted around your existing orthodontic treatment device for 20 minutes every day. It works by speeding up the tooth movement and thereby, reduces the actual treatment time. Thus, it gets you back to a normal life sooner than expected, sometimes 50% faster and it even makes the existing treatment more comfortable. It also reduces your visits to your dentist considerably, although you will need regular monitoring as long as the treatment is going on.

AcceleDent Aura – Accelerate Tooth Alignment

This is an exclusive technology which uses micro-pulses, which are carefully calibrated by your orthodontists, to move your teeth in a precise guided way. The process is where a series of soft pulses are sent to the roots of the teeth, the bone sockets and the surrounding tissues. The acceleration is safe even though it actually remodels your bone by moving your teeth faster than what could be expected in conventional methods. Although it has only been introduced in 2009, it has already been used by thousands of patients all around the world and people are not afraid to try out the new revolutionary technology as it is FDA approved.

Making the Process Comfortable

Acceledent aura - Acceledent speeds you on your way to a terrific smile. Orthodontics usually has a painful ring to it, but not anymore, and certainly not with AccelDent. In fact, this technology only serves to make Orthodontics more comfortable, faster and less painful. You may be worried that the pressure that it exerts can be harmful or painful, but you will be amazed to find that in reality, it has a gentle force which is 8 times less than a power toothbrush. It makes the teeth move gently through bone when the micro-pulses are applied to it and subtle changes are made to the bone structure at the cellular level, which then serves to accommodate the teeth in the desired position.

Care of the Device

When you are using the device for the first time, make sure that the device is fully charged before you use it. It is recommended that the device is charged overnight for the first time and later on just for two hours. The device has an LED indicator which will show when it gets fully charged. The LED indicator will also let you know when the battery is low by flashing continuously. Keep the activator free of moisture as it can get damaged when exposed to water. Keep it free of any dirt by wiping it with a clean cloth and make sure that it is always dry.

After every use, clean the mouthpiece with lukewarm water after detaching it from the activator. You can also use a mild soap or toothpaste intermittently.

How to Use the Device

Acceledent aura - Acceledent is the fast, easy and gentle way to the smile you've always wanted. The AccelDent mouthpiece must be inserted completely into the activator and it can be switched on through the power button. Bite on the mouthpiece firmly and not forcibly so that there is no unnecessary damage to it. You must use it continuously for 20 minutes every day and so try not to take a break in between the process. If you must take a break, try not to make it for more than 5 minutes as then the device will forget that you are using it and will start from the beginning and give you another 20 minute session. When you use it within 5 minutes, it will continue from where you left off and you will only get your recommended 20 minute session.

The unit will send three short pulses to indicate to you that you are half way through and when the time is up, it will automatically shut down. Your use of the device can also be tracked by your orthodontist or dentist as it records a report every time you use it. The dentist can simply insert the activator after switching it off and plugging it into a computer. The report will show the day, day and usage of each session.

Using the Device Safely

You must use this device only when it has been prescribed by a qualified orthodontist or a dentist. Do not use a device that has been calibrated for someone else. Dispose of the device the way you would any other electronic product after you are done with the treatment and try not to share it with someone else.

You don’t have the same eyes as anyone else, so why would you want to wear anyone else’s eyeglasses? You would not, and your orthodontic treatment should not be any different. Now there is Insignia®, an innovative new software that implements 3-D imaging of your teeth to help create customized trays, brackets and wires for you.

Here Are Some Of the Benefits Offered With Insignia®:

  • Each customized bracket is designed to move your teeth with more precision, resulting in fewer, shorter visits, and customized to avoid generic brackets and wires
  • The 3-D imaging allows you to see the end result before starting treatment. Dr. Anthony Lovrovich works with Insignia® to put into consideration your facial features and symmetry, to allow for the optimum result. And because Dr. Anthony Lovrovich listens to his patients, this feature also allows you and the doctor to make any modifications prior to placing braces
  • Orthodontists are required to go through additional, extensive training to get certified in treating patients with Insignia®
  • There are different options provided by Insignia®, and Dr. Anthony Lovrovich works closely with Insignia® and his patients to make the best choice
  • For cases with mild to moderate movement, there are clear aligners available. They are delivered in stages, so any modifications can be made before the next set are sent to the office
  • Another option is Damon™ Clear, which is a virtually clear, wireless bracket system that is proven to move teeth quicker and more comfortably than traditional braces. The system uses archwires that are technologically advanced and don’t have to be tightened, which means markedly less discomfort. And unlike aligners, the Damon™ Clear system is also easy to keep clean and doesn’t cause any speech impediment
  • Inspire ICE™ are crystal clear brackets made with a patented sapphire material that prevents staining. Older versions of clear braces had a tendency to stain, but Inspire ICE™ will not. They are also more comfortable than metal brackets
  • Insignia® also offers metal brackets, but they are a fraction of the size of traditional brackets, and unlike other metal brackets, they are custom-made for your teeth

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Anthony Lovrovich to discuss the Insignia® option and we will work with you to achieve your matchless smile!

Everyone wants only the best fit and that is why orthodontists and patients prefer Invisalign for teeth alignment nowadays. These are aligners which are designed to perfection using cutting-edge technology which can treat a lot of dental problems.
Straightening Teeth with Clear Braces
Gone are the days when the only way to straighten teeth was to use hard tough wire braces which could sometimes cut, scratch and irritate both the gums and teeth. Now patients can put on transparent aligners which are smooth, comfortable and fit the teeth perfectly. Dentists even call them dental “contact lenses” as they are invisible and allow the patient to have a normal smile.

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Patient holding Invisalign clear braces.

3D Modeled Braces

Invisalign is an advanced orthodontic 3D imagery technology, which takes a complete picture of the mouth, which can then be viewed on a computer. Molds can then be made referring to the 3D computer model so that the person gets perfect fitting aligners. The technology will show the patient the current position of the teeth and will take them through the various stages till they get the desired alignment. You will be able to see the smile that you want even before the treatment starts.

Invisalign Consultation & Planning

Thus the person will find it easier to consult with the dentist and will understand what the dentist is recommending. Once the patient is satisfied with the recommended treatment by viewing them on the computer, the dentist will plan out the aligners which come in a series and each aligner will have to be worn for at least two weeks. The position of the teeth will change incrementally until all the teeth come to the desired position.

How long does Invisalign take?

The time that it will take for your teeth to get straightened out will depend on how crooked they were in the first place. Therefore the number of aligners will also depend upon the current position of the teeth. Usually it can take up to a year for adults and for most teenagers it will take as long as normal traditional braces would.

Invisalign Seattle, WA

Invisible Braces

Finally, based on the treatment recommended by your dentist, you will receive your series of aligners. They are usually made from BPA-free plastic and are perfectly harmless even when you wear them throughout the day. As the aligners are transparent, no one will know that you are wearing them or even that you are undergoing dental treatments. In fact, they are so clear and comfortable that you will also forget that you are wearing them. Braces will keep on reminding you that you are wearing them by irritating your mouth and gums but these aligners are the perfect tools which do their work without proclaiming it to the world.

Removable Braces are More Comfortable

Braces make eating a misery as there is always the danger of food getting stuck in them and thus causing a hygiene hazard. However, these aligners can easily be removed while eating and there is no restriction as to what you can consume. You can also continue with your usual oral hygienic habits and can brush and floss whenever you want to. They also do not irritate the teeth as wire braces do and you can cut down on dental visits which were previously mandatory to adjust the wire braces. You can change into the next aligner as soon as the recommended period is over. In fact, the change between aligners is so subtle that you will not have any irritation which is usually associated with braces. However, you will need to visit your dentist at least every six weeks to check whether the treatment is going on as planned.

Choose Invisalign

There are still a few dentists who do not use this technology and that is why it is important for the patient to have an initial consultation with the dentist. The choice that you are going to make will affect the way you smile for the rest of your life and one has to keep in mind the money that is going to be spent on the treatment. Make sure that your dentist uses the Invisalign technology and then start the treatment. Of course, it is the dentist who will finally determine whether this treatment is the right one for your teeth structure and position, but it is always prudent to choose the best technology.

Keep Smiling

Once the treatment is over, you might need to consult with your dentist for one final time to know whether you need retainers which will maintain the current corrected position of the teeth. After that you are all set to face the world with a beautiful smile.
Get Invisalign from the Best
Lovrovich Orthodontics is an Elite Premier Invisalign provider. Not only have we been providing invisible braces since 1999, we are in the top 1% of Invisalign® practitioners in the United States. We serve Seattle, and you.

Itero Scanner wand for 3D imaging of your mouth. The revolutionary Itero Scanner comes highly recommended by orthodontists who want only the best for their clients. It gives a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth and gums while taking into account your individual characteristics. It saves time, energy and effort simply by being the most efficient system of scanning that is readily available to all.

Out With the Old, In With the New

It is not surprising that everyone who wants to take an intraoral scan, wants only the Itero scan. When you consider the benefits, the efficiency and the accuracy, one can only feel sorry for the older generation who had to work so much in the dark with a messy goop. We can now say goodbye to that old messy goop which most of the time was not so accurate, gave unsatisfactory results along with multiple visits to the dentist and thereby, taking up a lot of your time. Even if it was to be a simple case of a crown treatment, the patient had to sit in silence and endure the hardship of having an unpleasant goop in the mouth and the dentist also had to suffer with imperfect impressions which would have to be modified several times before the patient could be satisfied.

Preferred by Both Orthodontists and Patients

Today the story is much different for both the dentists and the patients and the process of taking impressions has become a walk in the park for both parties. Dentists recommend the Itero scans for all patients and no job is too small for a scan or too big for the Itero scanner to handle. The advantages are many while there are hardly any negative factors to taking an Itero scan. This scanner has totally revolutionized the way impressions are taken and the procedure has become extremely easy and comfortable.

Itero Scanning Machine

The Comfort Level

People used to shy away from visits to the orthodontists because of the goop that they used to stuff inside your mouth. While the earlier methods used messy goop, used to be uncomfortable and served only to make patient gag, the Itero Scanner focuses on the comfort of the patient. The old technology used to make a visit to the orthodontist something to be avoided, but with the new technology, you can look forward to your visit. The scan is so comfortable that you can easily breathe and be normal while it is being taken. There is no disagreeable taste and you can swallow normally during the process. The totally unexpected side to Itero scans is that it makes intraoral impressions fun to take.

Safety Factor

Most people are apprehensive of technology mainly due to the unexpected side effects. However, with the Itero Scanner, you can trust that there will be no side effects and absolutely no exposure to radiation. The technology used is laser based, which serves to give 6000 sharp images per second. The images are then sent to a computer where it rebuilds 3D images of your mouth. The process is not only safe, but it will also put the patients’ mind at rest as they will be able to see what is wrong with their oral cavity and will be able to understand what the doctor is trying to tell them.

Modeled for This Generation

The Itero Scanner is perfect for children of technology who want everything instantly and perfectly. You get your impressions fast, with no mess and with no need for unnecessary retakes. Thus, your orthodontist can give you a personalized plan for your treatment which is sure to be a success. In fact, you can follow the scanning process along with your orthodontist as the images will be displayed on the computer screen in real time. The orthodontist will be able to easily explain everything about your teeth even while taking the scan and you will be able to choose the best treatment plan.

Technology that Helps You Smile

When the computer rebuilds a 3D image of your mouth, the orthodontist will be able to make adjustments in real time. The orthodontist will enter your prescription into the computer and then a guided tour of your mouth will begin. The scan will be able to show each and every corner of the mouth and places that would have never even seen sunlight. The doctor will hold a wand which is easy to use and comfortable for both the patient and the doctor to use. The dentist will also take a bite scan of the patient so that the final result will give a natural and normal.

If the dentist finds that the scan or the data is incomplete, then additional scan images can easily be added on to the 3D computer model. Then the simulation is studied and then another simulation is derived to show the patients what their teeth will look like after treatment. You are not left in doubt as to the accuracy of the scan and the treatment that will be prescribed. The 3D model will then be sent to labs directly from the dentist’s office to construct restorative structures designed just for your teeth. The scans can also be made accessible in an open STL format which can be easily used by everyone.

Uses of The Itero Scanner

With the help of the scanner, you can restore your smile and your oral hygiene by giving the best bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, Invisalign®, and implants. The Itero Scanner can even be used by surgeons to have a continuous real time imagery of the mouth and is the preferred tool for all dentists. The Itero Scanner can be used for any kind of material such as the universally preferred porcelain or gold and even for zirconia, composite and PFM.

End Result

You can now look forward to having a beautiful smile while all your oral problems are being taken care of. This is the scan that the world now prefers and be sure to ask for an Itero scan the next time you visit a dentist. This way you can be sure that your teeth and gums are not only in safe hands but also with safe technology.

iTero® Align Technology, Inc Document

Blue Propel® 'pen'. Do you dread the thought of the discomfort associated with wearing braces or trays? Do you want a more efficient treatment that involves quick movements of your teeth while not sacrificing an excellent end result? Well, now you can cut your treatment time in almost half while wearing Invisalign® or braces, and the process is virtually painless. Dr. Anthony Lovrovich is happy to offer you Propel®, a new technological technique.

Propel® works by a process called Alveocentisis™, which stimulates the support system around the teeth called the alveolar bone. The Propel® device makes micro-osteoperforations in the bone around individual teeth, which in turn causes the bone to remodel quicker. As adults, our bone development decreases, typically creating a slower alignment process than children experience. With Propel®, the process moves along quicker, greatly reducing the side effects associated with slower treatments, such as root blunting, decalcification (white spots) and discomfort.

Other Benefits of Using Propel® Include:

  • Since treatment time is cut significantly, this reduces time and money lost with longer treatment cases that require you to have more frequent appointments
  • Because it is virtually painless, patients can return to work or school after the appointment and won’t have discomfort while eating
  • After pressure is applied along the perforations, bone remodeling begins almost immediately
  • Propel® can be used in about 80% of treatment cases, and can be used with brackets or aligners
  • Can be used in a variety of cases that include overbites, spacing, cross bites, and crowding

During your consultation, Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will discuss with you if Propel® can be integrated into your treatment plan, and how Propel® will decrease your treatment time.