Smiling has a Bigger Impact on Others than you Think

Posted on 06/05/2015 by Dr. Lovrovich
A woman smiling and showing her bright white teeth.

Have you taken a picture recently? If you haven’t, I bet you’ve seen pictures of others. Everyone is snapping selfies these days or taking pictures of those around them. You can’t get away from the camera. Now look at those pictures. Have you noticed that some people smile large heart-felt smiles while others look straight-faced? Do you find both types of facial expressions affect you the same or is one more attractive to you than the other?

Smiling makes you more Appealing

I think everyone will agree that seeing someone smile makes that person seem more approachable and friendly. Those people that smile make us just feel good. With a genuine smile a person’s whole face lights up. Their eyes even sparkle. It’s hard to frown when you are looking at someone who is smiling; smiling is contagious. When you smile back at someone it causes endorphins in your brain to kick in – endorphins give you that feel good feeling. So someone who smiles at you makes you feel better also. Doesn’t it make you feel good knowing that you are making someone feel better with just a smile? And as we all know, if someone makes you feel better they are more attractive to you.

Now think of the reverse. Someone is solemn looking. How do you feel? You probably feel sad. Because we tend to empathize with others their mood becomes our mood. You aren’t going to want to feel sad so someone who is solemn may find themselves spending time alone.

Why don’t People Smile More?

There can be many reasons why someone isn’t smiling. They may be in a bad mood. They may think smiling makes them look silly. Many men feel that a stern look is manly; sporting a smile may seem weak. But others are embarrassed by bad teeth. Perhaps their teeth are discolored or even decayed. Maybe they are missing teeth. Those with dental issues probably will smile but always keep their mouth closed. We have had many patients with a gap in their front teeth. They always felt like people stared at that gap. Once they took matters into their own hands and got appropriate orthodontic treatment, such as braces, no matter how old they were, they were able to smile without feeling self-conscious. It makes a tremendous difference!

You benefit from Smiling Too

Not only are you making others feel good by smiling, you are doing good things for yourself too. You will feel more relaxed and happy when you are smiling. Smiling reduces stress and we all know how bad stress is for your body. It contributes to many medical conditions including high blood pressure, cardiac issues, headaches and digestive problems to name a few. By smiling and reducing your stress levels you can avoid bringing on some of these things.

Smiling also gives you a positive outlook; it’s tough to be negative and still smile. Everyone wants to be around positive people. You will find others more receptive to you. You will find a positive outlook helps you go farther in your career and personal life. Relationships flourish when you are positive.

Now that you know just what the effects of your smile are on others as well as yourself you should really give it a try. The next time you take a selfie, forget that straight faced look. Smile a heartfelt smile and watch others smile back. If there’s a cosmetic reason you don’t smile discuss it with your dentist. There are ways to whiten your teeth if discolored teeth are a concern. You can replace missing teeth and straighten misaligned teeth. You whole life will look brighter with a smile.

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