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When examining your braces options, be sure to consider Invisalign® for your teen! Metal braces have traditionally seemed like a rite of passage to enter adulthood, but we can save your teenager pain, embarrassment, and considerably more office visits, all while straightening their teeth using Invisalign. Let Dr. Lovrovich show you how he can correct your teens teeth quickly, easily, and using a nearly invisible system. The best part of all is, no one will know that the aligner is there!

What is Invisalign® Teen?

Welcome to the advanced world of straightening teeth. Invisalign can shift teeth into the position that you and Dr. Lovrovich specify using a series of clear, plastic, aligners. The system, known as Invisalign Teen is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teen’s teeth without the discomfort, frequent office visits for tightening, and restrictions that come with traditional metal braces.

Patients love this system, it allows your teen to simply wear the aligner over their teeth and change to the next aligner in the system every two weeks. Considerably less office visits are necessary because there are no adjustments! Little by little, over a series of months, not years, your teen’s teeth will gradually shift into place, achieving a beautiful, confident smile.

Will I get the same results as I would with metal braces?

Yes! Invisalign Teens will give you the same results as metal braces. We are able to treat all of the most common tooth alignment needs.

  • Invisalign can correct your underbite.
  • Invisalign can correct your overbite.
  • Item Invisalign can correct overcrowding.
  • Invisalign can close in your gaps.

Most teens are candidates for Invisalign! Ask Dr. Lovrovich to check your alignment today!

Why choose Invisalign®?

At Lovrovich Orthodontics, we recommend Invisalign for teens versus traditional metal braces for many reasons including:

  • Less Office Visits
  • Ability to remove aligners for sports
  • Ability to remove aligners when playing an instrument
  • No food restrictions
  • Can easily brush and floss your teeth as normal

We recommend that our patients wear their Invisalign aligners at least 22 hours a day so that they can do their job, but the key is that they are temporarily removable, offering you a little freedom when needed.

What are the costs of Invisalign vs braces?

Invisalign costs are fairly equivalent to braces. Dr. Lovrovich can give give you a more accurate estimate of costs based on your individual needs. Your insurance may be willing to pay some or all of the costs associated, our front office staff is happy to review your policy with you.

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