What Can I Do about the Gap Between My Teeth?

Posted on 08/10/2016 by Dr. Lovrovich
A patient with a gap between his teeth.

Have you been living with a gap between your teeth since childhood? Has this space been the source of embarrassment, or have just never been completely happy with your smile?

The time is here to finally get that gap corrected and to start showing off the smile of your dreams.

Why Are Gaps a Problem?

Gaps are more than just an aesthetic problem, although this is often the reason that people choose to look into treatment options. In actuality, gaps between the teeth can have a big impact on your dental health.

When the spacing of your teeth is off, you can experience malocclusion issues, and a misaligned smile may lead to tooth grinding and TMJ pain. Misaligned teeth can also be more difficult to clean properly, and the end result could be tooth decay.

How Can Gaps Be Treated?

There are three major ways that the gaps between your teeth can be treated, and your orthodontist can help you to choose the best possible option:

  • Dental bonding. In the case of small gaps, dental bonding is one of the best options. This treatment involves using tooth-colored resin that is painted onto the surface of your teeth and cured with a specialized light. The resin will match the color of your natural teeth exactly.
  • Porcelain veneers. Veneers are used to fill in larger gaps that tend to be cosmetic in nature. These thin ceramic shells will be placed on the front of your teeth, covering the gap and other cosmetic issues that you may have.
  • Braces. If your gaps are significant, or if you have multiple gaps and crooked teeth, orthodontic care in the form of braces is usually recommended. This treatment will adjust the positioning of your teeth in order to eliminate gaps.

If you are ready to correct the gaps in your smile, give our office a call to discuss your options.

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