Why Invisalign Might be the Right Choice for your Teen

Posted on 06/20/2015 by Dr. Lovrovich
A pair of Invisalign braces that are inside a blue protective case.

Teens can be difficult, there is no doubt about it, but that does not mean that they do not deserve the best. If your teen has misaligned teeth that hinder his oral health or make him self-conscious about his smile, it is well worth looking into his options to straighten his teeth. The problem with standard, metal braces is the fact that they are what many teens would consider “embarrassing.” If your teen is less than thrilled about metal braces, it may be time to explore Invisalign, the invisible braces that help to straighten your teen’s (or your) teeth.

Save Time and Difficulties

Teens are always on the go and never have time to stop to take a breath. If you panic at the thought of having one more appointment to make every month in order to have your teen’s brackets tightened for proper alignment, you can put those worries away with Invisalign. The invisible aligners are simply replaced at a specified period of time, typically every 2 weeks. This is in place of coming in for an appointment to have the brackets tightened. This means that you save time and arguments with your teen that does not want to be bothered.

Easy to Care For

Hygiene may be yet another struggle you have with your teen, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Invisalign aligners are very easy to take care of because they are removed from your teen’s mouth while eating, drinking, and cleaning. This means no struggling to meet tight corners or fishing that piece of food out of a bracket. The aligners are not filled with food debris which makes them a cinch to clean at night, adding only a short amount of time to his nightly hygiene routine.

Increase Self-Confidence

It is no secret that the teen years can be very trying on a person’s self-esteem. Feeling uncomfortable in your own body, having acne, and raging hormones are just a few of the reasons teens suffer from self-consciousness. If metal braces are only going to add to his anguish, Invisalign might be the answer that he needs. Because the braces are very discreet, there is no “metal mouth” or embarrassment that causes a teen to not smile or worse yet, isolate himself. Invisalign aligners are meant to provide a teen with straight teeth without the hassle, giving him the ability to have healthy, straight teeth as he enters into adulthood.

Crooked teeth are bad for your oral and physical health for a variety of reasons. If your teen has a misaligned bite or crooked front teeth, consider the benefits of Invisalign aligners. They will help your teen get a smile that he loves as well as enhance his overall health. Teeth that are properly aligned are able to chew better, which means better digestive health as well as better absorption of nutrients. In addition, straight teeth help give a teen a higher level of self-esteem. If you are able to aid your child in this process, you will help him grow into a happy, healthy adult. Talk to your teen today about the benefits of Invisalign aligners and how they can help him reach optimal health now and in the future.

If your teen has crooked teeth and you want to explore his option for straighter teeth, call us today for an appointment. We will discuss your options and the benefits of Invisalign to see if it is something that would meet the needs of you and your teen.

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