Your Braces & You

Posted on 03/20/2017 by Dr. Lovrovich
A woman flossing with braces.

You may not be thrilled at having to wear braces and you may even cringe when you see the metallic glint shining from your mouth in the mirror.

Don’t worry about it! Braces are temporary, but the smile you carry around will be with you for the rest of your life.

Think of your braces as an investment in your future and, when you shed your braces, it will feel like a child taking off the training wheels from their bike, your teeth with be straighter than they ever have been and will remain so with the proper maintenance work.

While you wait for that golden moment when you get your braces removed, please keep in mind some of the following facts and ideas for maintaining a healthy mouth.

  • Floss, floss, and floss again. It can be difficult to floss around your braces but it is critical to maintaining your gum health while your teeth are being straightened. Floss threaders will make this task much easier. Like your braces, flossing is an investment in your future. If you can manage to incorporate flossing into your daily schedule you will reap the benefits of healthy gums for years to come.
  • Stay away from hard or sticky foods, popcorn, nuts, ice cream and anything with an abundance of sugar in it.
  • Do not bite into hard foods with your front teeth. Cut up foods into small sizes and use your molars to break up your food.
  • Brush your teeth and floss after every meal. As an adult, you only get only one set of real teeth. Make the most of them and do everything you can to keep them clean and in good shape. If you take care of your teeth, they will take care of you.
  • Try to brush each individual tooth for about 10 seconds.
  • See your dentist as often as they recommend you see them. Follow their advice as closely as possible, and share all relevant information with them. No one wants you and your smile to succeed as much as your dentist!

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