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Mandibular advancement is a feature service we use to fix bite issues in teens and pre-teens with growing teeth. The feature can fix class II malocclusions, which occurs when the top and bottom jaw do not line up. Typically, orthodontists would move the bite forward prior to straightening the teeth, resulting in two separate treatments.

With mandibular advancement, we are able to treat patients by straightening their teeth and moving the lower jaw forward with the same aligner. The feature is designed with precision wings manipulated into the aligners that gradually move the jaw as the aligners do their job of straightening the teeth.

At Lovrovich Orthodontics in Seattle, we treat complicated cases with mandibular advancement treatment. We can discuss how mandibular advancement can treat your dental issues and improve your oral health. To learn more about mandibular advancement or schedule an appointment, call (206) 525-7000 today.

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What is Mandibular Advancement?

Invisalign developed mandibular advancement, the first of its kind to fix bite misalignment in growing adolescents. Teens and children that have no erupted permanent adult teeth can still receive treatment with Invisalign. Mandibular advancement was designed for patients who are in the baby dentition phase but are moving into the permanent dentition phase (10-15 years old).

The mandibular advancement feature uses “precision wings” to gradually move the jaw and fix the bite and appearance of the chin. Precision wings are similar to wires and brackets on braces. They are located at the ends of the top and bottom aligners and resemble wings.

How Treatment Works

Mandibular advancement refers to advancing the mandible, or lower jaw bone that forms the lower part of the skull. Precision wings on the top and bottom aligners interlock to move the lower jaw in a forward position while aligners simultaneously shift the teeth. The constant force and movement of the jaw remodels the alveolar bone, allowing correction of the bite.

Previously, orthodontists would not treat children or teens because of their growing permanent teeth and the idea that the jaw needs to be moved before straightening the teeth. Because their teeth and mouth are still developing, it is easy to manipulate their position. Mandibular advancement treats the entire mouth in about half the time of traditional teeth-straightening methods for teens.

Advantages of Mandibular Advancement

The mandibular advancement feature for tweens and teens is the first clear aligner solution for class II malocclusions. The feature has enabled thousands of adolescents to fix their overbite and straighten their teeth at a faster rate. Mandibular advancement is approved by the FDA and has many advantages including:

  • Simultaneous treatments
  • Time-saving
  • Moves jaw gradually to prevent pain or discomfort
  • Single-appliance solution (no wires or brackets)
  • Functional across range of mild to severe cases
  • Custom-made to fit each mouth and gum line
  • Made from SmartTrack material

Effectiveness of Mandibular Advancement

The mandibular advancement feature has been clinically evaluated and approved. According to Align Tech, “a multicenter prospective IRB clinical study was completed with 80 patients in North America. Preliminary results from 42 cases thus far show statistically significant correction of Class II malocclusion in growing teen patients.” Over 15,000 patients from North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific have received Invisalign treatment with mandibular advancement.

Another study conducted by Barry Glaser DMD of the American Association of Orthodontists found that mandibular advancement had significantly improved class II malocclusions in teens. The study also revealed high levels of patient satisfaction and comfort, a combination of both dental and skeletal effects, and heightened self-image and self-esteem.

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Mandibular advancement is available at our office. Our team at Lovrovich Orthodontics love treating difficult cases that end with relief. Call our office at (206) 525-7000 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign Mandibular Advancement

Are the precision wings uncomfortable?

Precision wings are made of SmartTrack material, the same material used for the entire aligner. The wings are raised at the gingival cutline to ensure patient comfort when the wings interlock. That way, the gums are not pinched or touched throughout treatment.

Which treatments include mandibular advancement?

The feature is included in the Invisalign Comprehensive package for Teen and Adult patients, Invisalign Comprehensive Phase 2 package (discounted package for patients who have undergone Phase 1 treatment), and Invisalign First Comprehensive package. We will discuss the possibility of mandibular advancement during the initial consultation after the smile scan determines the type of treatment.

How much does the mandibular feature cost?

There is no additional cost for the mandibular feature. It is curated as part of a teen patient’s treatment plan to fix and straighten their teeth. When a class II malocclusion is found, it becomes part of the treatment.

Who is an ideal patient for mandibular advancement?

We recommend the feature for growing patients in permanent dentition or stable late mixed dentition who have Class II malocclusions, or an overbite. Though there is no age limit, the patient needs to have their permanent 1st molar erupted and no erupting teeth under the precision wings.

How long is the mandibular advancement phase in treatment?

The mandibular advancement phase lasts for a minimum of 26 weeks with 4 transitional aligners. When a patient is diagnosed with an overbite, we will discuss when the mandibular advancement phase will begin and the number of weeks.

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