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  • Great doctor!, Wonderful staff!, beautiful office!, and Great orthodontic care! What more can you ask for!

    April Clark-Bryant

  • Great staff! And Dr. Lovrovich is the best dentist I know

    Niveen Heaton

  • “NASA, The Russian Space Program and most recently a group of Chinese astronauts have all independently reported that under the right atmospheric conditions, my smile is visible from outer space. With great power comes great responsibility however and I’ve had to adjust my behavior accordingly for the common good. For example, I must take caution to never smile in the direction of oncoming traffic after dusk as the glare from my grin would present a clear and present danger to highway safety. An awesome smile can be quite the cross to bear- my gift is my curse indeed…

    Each time I visit Dr. Lovrovich’s office, this super power smile grows in force and magnitude.

    Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright. Orthodontics: Anthony Lovrovich. One inspired cityscapes, the other pearly white symmetry worthy of a modern art museum….such is the masterful skill of our generations’ orthodontic architect, Anthony “lovortho” Lovrovich.

    #Dr Lovrovich has been in orthodontics north of three decades and completed 1000’s of picture perfect smiles to boot.

    #Orthodontists want to be him…patients want to be with him…

    #Sujanna and Melissa- the beautiful and effortlessly amazing care managers always provide premiere service and a warm, caring approach.

    #Parking is easy in the garage down below and the one time he ran slightly late, I was sent home with a Starbucks gift card!

    #Rolex Reliability, #Porsche Performance #Ritz Carlton Service.


    NIcholas G.

  • “Amazing team of caring professionals. My daughter was having jaw pain and headaches associated with TMJ. Dr. Lovrovich was incredibly facilitative to our needs. He walked us through every step of the repair process and answered all of our questions fully. We never felt rushed.

    Also, he is an elite invisalign provider. To those of you just beginning your search for an orthodontist this is crucial knowledge. It means that he is in the top 1% of providers and does a certain amount of continuing education. He is committed to giving the best care whether it is braces, twin block or invisalign.

    Give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

    Christina P.

  • Finished my invisalign! I’m so glad i had it done, I can’t believe the huge difference it made. A smile I’m finally proud to show off. Dr. L did a fantastic job, the whole process was much easier than I thought it would be. He really listened to me and made me feel very confident throughout the whole time I was wearing my aligners. Thanks again to everyone at Dr. Lovrovich’s office!

    Chris S.

  • I love my smile! Dr. Lovrovich and his staff really gave me what I wanted. A smile I am now proud to show for the first time in my life. He made me feel very confident in his abilities to fix my teeth, not only because he is an elite Invisalign provided, he educated me on the process of how Invisalign works and what I can do to keep my awesome smile for the rest of my life. Priceless.

    Chris S.

  • Great Orthodontist for my Autistic Son
    We had to try out a few different orthodontists until we found Dr. Lovrovich. His system of awarding cool prizes after a well-done appointment really convinced my son that he was good at sitting still and not vocalizing too much during appointments. He even allowed Dr. Lovrovich to take a photo of him with his prize and put it on facebook. We never have to wait long for our appointment and the appointments, themselves, are quick and easy.
    The refreshing water in the reception area with various fruits and leaves in it is always a topic of conversation with my son while we wait. He really likes talking about it. It’s also really good.

    Nipuna D.

  • Dr. Lovrovich has always been very kind and I haven’t had any problems with his Kirkland office or staff. No surprise fees or expenses as I’ve experienced from other dental providers, and they’re working hard to make sure that my teeth are in perfect alignment before they set me loose. Dr. Lovrovich is also well-connected and respected in the dental/orthodontic community, as I have had other dental professionals praise him when I told them his name. I recommend Lovrovich Orthodontics for anyone considering Invisalign.

    Christina R.

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