Front Teeth Chips and Wear

We all have stress to contend with at various times of our lives, and our teeth can take the brunt of our frustrations. We tend to clench and grind our teeth (called bruxism) when we are tense, which over time wears down the enamel on the biting surfaces of your teeth. Eventually bruxing your teeth will cause your dentin to be exposed and make your teeth shorter in appearance. Because the enamel layer is worn down, your front teeth are also vulnerable to chipping. Imagine the edges of your front teeth are like potato chips with thinner edges that will chip over time.

Here Are Signs of Excessive Wear With Clenching and Grinding:

  • Front teeth are straight across and even, (your front teeth are supposed to be varying lengths)
  • You can see the dentin layer of your teeth, (this layer is more yellow than the enamel and will look like a circle on the biting surfaces)
  • Your TMJ on either or both sides will be sore
  • You wake with a headache
  • You wake with a stiff jaw
  • Your teeth have chips out of the enamel, making a jagged appearance on the edges

The best course of treatment for bruxism is to get a custom-made nightguard fabricated to wear at night, and/or when you catch yourself clenching or grinding during the waking hours. We may recommend a nightguard if you show signs of wear, or you may approach Dr. Anthony Lovrovich if you feel you need to get one. The process of constructing a custom-made nightguard entails getting impressions taken of your upper and lower teeth. Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will then send those impressions to the lab where your nightguard will be manufactured. In about a week, your nightguard will be delivered to our Seattle office, where Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will fit the appliance on you, making adjustments where needed. Your nightguard should prevent or slow the effects of wear and tear on your teeth.

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