Have You Heard about Forsus Springs?

Posted on 07/20/2017 by Dr. Lovrovich
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Have you ever heard the term Forsus or Forsus Springs, or has your orthodontist recommend using them? These are rods with coil springs around them, and they are attached to the braces for the purpose of moving the lower teeth forward and the upper teeth back. They are extremely effective at eliminating excessive overbites and improving the way the teeth of the upper and lower jaws fit together. In fact, using Forsus could even prevent the need for future jaw surgery.

Installing Forsus Springs

If your orthodontist believes that you-or your child-need Forsus springs as part of your orthodontic treatment, you’ll be happy to know that the appliance can be installed in a single appointment. You won’t need extra lab work or have to wait to start your treatment. You also won’t need to make any adjustments at home because the appliance is designed to provide a light and continuous force onto the jaw to move it and your teeth into their correct position.

Caring for Your Teeth

The open coil spring associated with Forsus was designed to be simple to brush and to clean, and there usually aren’t any gaps available to trap food. You will be able to continue brushing and flossing like normal without worrying about cleaning around a cumbersome appliance. However, just like you should avoid sticky and especially hard foods with braces, you need to be especially careful with these food items if you also have Forsus springs. The fact that Forsus is fixed to your teeth means that it is constantly working for you without the need for you to do anything. Even when you are sleeping, the Forsus springs system will be helping to move the teeth and your jaw into alignment. The appliance will also work with your existing treatment, so there is no need to extend out your treatment time.

If you are interested in learning more about Forsus and whether these springs might be right for you, be sure to contact our office today.

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